[For Beginners] What's about VLCNP, NFT!


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What’s about VLCNP (Very long CNP) ?


I really not sure how to buy the VLCNP...


Do you have any concern like this?



  • VLCNP (Very Long CNP) is an NFT collection in collaboration with VeryLongAmimals and CNP (Crypto Ninja Partners) fan art!
  • There are a couple of methods you can buy the NFT of VLCNP like getting by Whitelist or buying from OpenSea.


Just simply said, it looks like this.

So, I will explain a bit more to understand what is about VLCNP and How to buy in detail.

Let's get started!!


Although I'm still one of the beginner of Cryptocurrency and NFT, I believe I can explain queries and concerns from beginners sight. so I will explain the VNCLP from my point of view as long as I can.




What's about VNCNP( Very long CNP ) of NFT Art?


VLCNP is an abbreviation of Very Long CryptoNinja, and it is a fan art NFT that is a collaboration between the popular VeryLongAnimals and CNP (Crypto Ninja Partners), which is also very popular.


in short, it will be an NFT art work that combines these two works.

like this...

As you can see, CNP characters will be "VERY LONG"!!

Very Cute!!


I really would like to get one of these at least, definitely!!!



NFT Art, What's about VeryLongAinmals of NFT Art?

VeryLongAmimals のOpenSea
Source:Opensea.io VerylongAnimals



"Very Long Animals" is an NFT PJ by Mr. Kawa(@gdvonly), an entrepreneur who is enrolled in the Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University.

When he went to Silicon Valley around February, he suddenly came up with a brush and started painting while he had no connection with anyone and had no fun. As a result, " Very Long Animal" was born!!


Very long animals, abbreviated as be-ri-ro-n(Japanese pronunciation) or VLA!

The hashtag of #VLA is quite popular on Twitter.


Very long animals trading performance

  • Achieved 9th place in Japan in terms of transaction value in 5 days
  • The price of the character that was 0.01 ETH soared due to the secondary distribution, and the lowest price was 8 ETH (about 1.2 million yen) -as of July 14, 2022


I can see this is great from the transaction performance.

Also, Fan art is very active.


We might get fan art NFT more affordable and easier instead of getting original VLA.

Fan art

  • Spin off NFT from original NFT
  • In case, whoever are able to create fan art NFT
  • Must be based on the guidelines of each NFT

e.g. Fan art of Crypto Ninja is Crypto Ninja Partners (CNP)


As of July 14th 2022, VeryLongAnimals have been released 91 items since Feb 2022.

Source:Opensea.io VerylongAnimals


NFT Art, What's about CryptNinja Partners (CNP) of NFT Art?

CNP キャラクターについて
Source:NinjaDAO official


CNP is an abbreviation for Crypto Ninja Partners, and is a spin-off work of Crypto Ninja by Ikeda-san (@IHayato) and Ritsu-san (@rii2_4)!


Crypto Ninja Partners ( CNP ) is characters which is the partner of Crypto Ninja!

Crypto Ninja Hayate
Source:Opensea.io CryptoNinja


This Character is called Hayate and the partner is a Hawk on left hand.

This Hawk is called ”Narukami”, partner of Narukami is generated as main character in CNP which is Crypto Ninja Partners.


Crypto Ninja Partners Narukami
Source:Opensea.io CryptoNinja Partners

There are various decorated “Narukami” NFTs like this.


Similarly, it will be an NFT art work with the motif of Crypto Ninja's partners, such as "Lilly”, a panda which is the partner of “Xiaolan", a Crypto Ninja partner.


22222 partners are born at 15th May, 2022.

Crypto Ninja Partners Opensea
Source:Opensea.io CryptNinja Partners(CNP)


these 22222 were sold out within 2 hours.


That's awesome!! CNP is now still being traded in secondary distribution and is extremely active!


Really? That is quite hard work to generate more than 20,000 items, isn't it ?

Have you got that queries?

I had also got that one.

This is called "generic art work" !! it is several parts of the face are prepared. then these will be generated by computer algorithm using by these parts.


Oh, got it. I could not imagine to generate more than 20,000 items


The 5 reasons to recommend very long CNP (VNCNP) NFT Art.


Regarding a collaboration NFT art between VeryLong Animals and CryptoNinja Partners, do you think what kind of charm?


Based on my analyzation from lots of information, there are 5 reasons to be recommended!!

  • Affordable price.
  • Great potential to go up the value is good for investment.
  • Great charm and popular NFT collections.
  • Big number of sales.
  • Overseas attention in the future.


VLCNP NFT Recommended reason (1): Affordable price.


It is very very affordable to buy one.

VLCNP will be sold as 0.001 ETH.

Hence, you can get 150 yen ( about 1.2 dullars )


If this is the case, it can be reached by ordinary people like me!!

Yes, I am really excited.


VLCNP NFT Recommended reason (2): Great potential to go up the value is good for investment.


There are 22222 CNPs, but the lowest price is 0.528 ETH as of July 12, 2022. It's more than 750,000 yen …

Crypto Ninja Partners Opensea
Source:Opensea.io CryptNinja Partners(CNP)

Only two months after the release, 0.001ETH → 0.528ETH is too amazing …! ??


Also, VeryLongAnimals is even more amazing, the lowest price is from 8ETH! !!

Very long Animals Opensea
Source:Opensea.io VerylongAnimals

Only 5 months after it was released in February 2022, 0.01ETH ⇒ 8ETH is amazing …

These two collaboration works!

I can't imagine how much the value will increase !!


VLCNP NFT Recommended reason (3): Great charm and popular NFT collections.

VLCNP 11111 supply
Source:soudanNFT at note


As a fan art of the NFT collection, CNP and VeryLongAmimals are very popular, so I think both fans will definitely buy it!


Also, CNP is written in Veriron style! !!


The most attractive thing is that this is drawn with a very cute feeling!


VLCNP NFT Recommended reason (4): Big number of sales.


There are 11111 units sold!


This is quite a lot, so maybe you can get one! ??


The first sale will be at 9:00 PM on July 31st!


At 9:00 PM, the battle to get items will begin!


Check it out on your PC or mobile phone only at this moment of this day!


VLCNP NFT Recommended reason (5): Overseas attention in the future


As far as I've investigated, I feel that I haven't put much effort into overseas marketing.


On other hand, since there is a desire to spread and CNP is also attracting attention on OpenSea, it is expected that Ninja DAO will also be attracting more and more attention in the future.


How to buy NFT Art Very Long CNP (VLCNP)

After learning about the appeal of VLCNP, I think your "desire to get it" has increased, right?


As I researched and looked at various things, the desire to get it somehow increased!


So how do you buy this VLCNP? ??


You must know this by July 31st!


There are two main ways to purchase.

  • Get the whitelist by the deadline and buy at pre-sale
  • Purchase from NFT Marketplace as OpenSea for secondary distribution

As a procedure before that, it is also necessary to complete the following.

  • Open an account on a cryptocurrency exchange and purchase Ethereum (ETH)
  • Create a cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask and deposit Ethereum
  • Connect OpenSea and MetaMask
Then I will explain in order!



Preparation to buy NFT VLCNP (1): Open an account at the exchange to get ETH


First of all, you need to have a cryptocurrency.

To do so, first open an account on the cryptocurrency exchange and purchase Ethereum.


That's no problem to open exchange account since I have only introduced Japanese exchange accounts.


Preparation to buy NFT VLCNP (2): Create MetaMask

How to get MetaMask


First of all, create a wallet for cryptocurrency called MetaMask from here.


After that, deposit the cryptocurrency to MetaMask from the exchange where you opened the account.


Preparation to buy NFT VLCNP (2): Connect MetaMask and OpenSea

Connecting OpenSea

Select MetaMask from the yellow marker on the top right of OpenSea official above.

After that, please continue the on-screen instructions to complete the connection.


If you can do so far, you can purchase NFT on OpenSea.


It's not required, but do you want to confirm if you are really able to buy from OpenSea? If you want, trying to purchase something ( cheap item is Okay ) once is recommended.

(Of course, since it costs NFT gas fees, make your own judgment …)

NFT Gus Fee

  • Fees for purchasing NFTs
  • Price changes depending on the time of day


How to buy NFT VLCNP (1) Pre-sale: Get the whitelist and buy

Source:soudanNFT at note

This is the first way to buy.


As you can see from here, it seems that the following people can get the whitelist preferentially!

  • Sewanin, Ninjas, CNP Whales, very long Genesis
  • CNP Dolphins
  • CNP Lovers
  • VLCNP diffusion campaign (English article)
  • VLCNP diffusion campaign (Japanese article)
  • CNP owners, fan art work of Very Long, LAG Holder


You can get a whitelist that can be mint most by the person who corresponds to # 1.

You can get a whitelist that can be mint the least possible number by the parson who corresponds to #6

What about whitelist

  • Right to participate in pre-sale and purchase NFT art
  • Often abbreviated as WL.

What about mint

Mint means "issue a new NFT". "5 new mint" means "5 NFTs have been issued".


CNP Whales, CNP Dolphins, CNP Lovers, and CNP owners will be given roles if they each have a CNP.

The person in the upper role can get a lot of mint possible number.

What's about role

  • A role is a community called Ninja DAO, and its role.
  • Depending on the number of NFTs held, you can get a higher role.



Also, people like me who don't have CNP can write a VLCNP blog post and get a whitelist!

You can get the whitelist by writing a blog by 23:59 on July 17th and applying from below!

Check how to apply for the whitelist >>  


With this pre-sale purchase, you can purchase gas for less than 1000 yen, which is a great deal!How to buy NFT VLCNPWith this pre-sale purchase, you can purchase gas for less than 1000 yen, which is a great deal!


How to buy NFT VLCNP(2) Secondary distribution: How to buy at OpenSea


If you couldn't get the whitelist, buy it from OpenSea as a secondary distribution.

Secondary distribution

  • Transactions after the person who purchased NFT for the first time sold it at OpenSea etc.
  • Even if the same NFT transaction is the third or fourth transaction, it is called secondary distribution.
  • Even after the secondary distribution, the author is charged a fee.

At the moment (July 14, 2022), it is not on sale, so there is no link yet, but I will update it when it is on sale!


How to know the latest information on NFT Art Veriron CNP (VLCNP)


If you want to know the latest information related to CNP, we recommend you to check it in two ways!

  • Follow Very Long CNP on Twitter
  • Join the NinjaDAO


Get the latest information from Twitter


First, you can follow Twitter official account


I've been watching very much every day since I thought to have VLCNP!

This is the account that inspired me to learn more!


Check the tweets on this official account as much as possible!


Get the latest information from Discord of NinjaDAO

Click here to join NinjaDAO


NinjaDAO's Discord is a community where you can see the status of planning and operating the NFT collection.

You can get various information such as the sale of works and the status of consideration of new projects!


There is a room which is for beginners. so you can ask anything what you are not sure about it!!

You can also enjoy the atmosphere of the community, so there is no loss in participating! I can only get it lol


Precautions for NFT Art Very Long CNP (VLCNP)


Of course, there are some things to keep in mind when purchasing NFT art!

It's a fake!


Fraudulent sites and fake sites are rampant, so please be careful not to get caught!


Be ware of fraudulent sites when purchasing NFT VLCNPs!

There are also fake accounts of Ikehaya-san

Be careful not to get into the wrong place!


  • VLCNP official Twitter
  • Ikehaya offical Twitter
  • Link of Ninja DAO

Let's enter from the above place.

Be careful of DM of NFT Discord!

DMs such as giving Discord are very likely to be fraudulent!

Please be careful!


NFT Art Veriron CNP (VLCNP) Summary


July 31th, 2022 PM9:00 . Definitely you should get it if you have WLs.


If you are a beginner who does not own an NFT, start by purchasing Cryptocurrency!


To do so, first open an account on the exchange and purchase Ethereum.

>>Click here to get Japanese article about VLCNP.


See you.



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